Spring 2021 update

Posted: May 03 2021

Well our last update was a year ago, we all thought if we stayed indoors a couple weeks and wore our mask everything would go back to normal.   Boy were we wrong!  Not to worry we stayed on the water and got the families and kids outdoors more than normal thanks to covid restrictions on the normal day to day activities.  

The big downside was supply chain issues from our shirt blank manufacturers, an uncertain retail market, very few if any of our boat, art and seafood shows, and everything else that made 2020 so special.  For all those reasons we sat strong and held on for the ride instead of creating new inventory for the year.  We have begun working out the details with a new on demand print shop to ensure there are no lapses in inventory for you.  Our main concern is to keep a very high and consistent quality product and that is what is taking so much time.  We need to be proud of the shirt and hat blanks if we are going to put our labels in them.   

We ask that you be patient while we work this out, and in the mean time we have lightly discounted numerous items on our website.  You might have to look to find your size as we've sold down inventory in the large and XL sizes on a lot of our shirts, but they're out there.  

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See you soon! 



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