• Spring 2021 update

    Posted: May 03 2021

    Well our last update was a year ago, we all thought if we stayed indoors a couple weeks and wore our mask everything would go back to normal.   Boy were we wrong!  Not to worry we stayed on the water and got the families and kids outdoors more than normal thanks to covid restrictions on the normal day to day activities.   The big downside was supply chain issues from our shirt blank manufacturers, an uncertain retail market, very few if any of our boat, art and seafood shows, and everything else that made 2020 so special.  For all those reasons we sat strong and held on for the ride instead of creating new inventory for the year.  We have begun working out the details with a new on demand print shop to ensure there are no lapses in inventory for you.  Our main concern is to keep a very high...
  • 2020 vision

    Posted: May 04 2020

    We are so thankful for everyones support so far this year!  What a wild ride with the Covid crisis and some crazy weather to boot.  We've been shipping orders weekly and are working on designs for the next product launch.  We've also been spending a lot of time on the boat catching dinner and social distancing, and now that the beach is open we are hanging out with our families and playing in the surf.  Make sure you are following our instagram and Facebook pages to keep up to date with our promotions and shenanigans.   Who's interested in more recipes or fishing tips?  Stay safe and get on the water!  #livesouthbound
  • Changing tides

    Posted: Dec 10 2019

    We adjusted all prices to reflect 50-75% off pricing so theres no need for a coupon code!  We have surplus inventory from the past couple years mainly in sizes small, medium, and xxlarge but there are larges and xlarges to be had on quite a few designs as well.  Take a look and load up on the best prices we've ever offered, free shipping on all orders over $20! order by 12/13 for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.   We are trying a new approach in the the coming years and will be dealing with far less inventory and online sales only.  Please take advantage of this great sale to help us out and buy yourself and your friends or family some great shirts! Thanks #LiveSouthbound  
  • New website features and update

    Posted: Dec 14 2016

    Wow Christmas is here again.  Sorry for the lack of updates this year through this platform, we mainly use Instagram as our media outlet so give us a follow @southboundapparel   We had a big year with new additions to our families as well as some new dealers for southbound.  2017 is going to be great too as we have already signed up for several spring boat shows and we are planning the summer and fall festivals along the gulf coast.  We look forward to sharing new designs and products with you sometime before April.     For the website we made navigation easier with a drop down menu off the Shop button, and you will notice we added a clearance section!  One of the hardest things about running an apparel company is figuring out how many of each size to order, since we guessed wrong on a few shirts...
  • Fall Sale Starts Today!

    Posted: Nov 24 2015

    As we gear up for 2016 and all new designs, its time to give you a chance to save some money and help us free up room for new inventory.  Please use promo code: fall20 to receive 20% off your total purchase!  If you spend over $40 after discount we will throw in an extra shirt of our choice from our existing inventory.  Our website should be updated properly with our availability and we are low or out of some, but if it lets you add a shirt to your cart, we should be able to ship it the next day for you. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving and we appreciate your business.     - The Southbound Team  Rob and Ash

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